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Covid-19 Precautions

In order to ensure the safety of our visitors we have implemented a number of changes to the way the market operates - please read these carefully before visiting the market.

Entering the Market

Our car park will be open as normal, however the disabled car park has been closed. Instead, the first two rows of the car park will be reserved for disabled customers.

Pedestrian access will be through the main market gate on the A449 only, there will be no access via Pinfold lane or the pedestrian gate by Sainsburys.     

Entry to the market area will be restricted to a single point by the main market entrance off the A449.

Staff members will control access to the market area to ensure that the market does not get overcrowded and everyone can safely social distance.

There will be a dedicated queueing area outside the market area for you to wait if the market is already full when you arrive.

There will be hand sanitiser available for you on the entrance and at select points around the site. Please ensure that your hands are clean before entering the market.

Please shop alone if possible. This is to ensure that the market does not get overcrowded and nobody has to wait too long.

We recommend the wearing of face coverings whilst on the market for your own safety and the safety of others. Please note that whilst in the indoor market hall and units the wearing of face coverings is required by law.

No pets (other than assistance dogs) can enter the market area, this is to aid with social distancing and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.      

Social Distancing

In order to prevent the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe all our customers must comply with the 2m social distancing rules

The entire market has been clearly marked with lines at 2m intervals to help our customers socially distance

Market staff will be located around the site to remind people of social distancing rules and to help you when required


Try to avoid touching products wherever possible

Use contactless payment methods if available

Public toilets

The toilets are open and will be cleaned on a regular schedule. Please maintain social distancing whilst in the toilet area and queue outside if they are busy.    

Patience and respect

We understand that these new rules will change the way you shop at the market and could be considered inconvenient. Our staff are here to help and we ask that you do not take your frustrations out on them. If you display abusive behaviour you will be asked to leave.